Silicone Mould Making and Casting Materials

Silicone Mould making + Casting materials

Rachael Campbell Palmer

This course will provide an introduction to a range of materials that can be used in sculpting and casting processes. You will learn how to create a silicone mould for small scale projects and then use the mould to produce cast objects in a range of materials.

Materials you will be using include Polyester Casting Resin, Jesmonite and Crystacal. We will be working with the raw materials and also using colour pigments to produce different outcomes.
Over the duration of the course you will learn about the properties of different materials, mixing and curing stages and explore what materials might be best suited to specific projects.
This course is suitable for beginner and intermediary levels. Basic techniques learned can be used for more advanced projects and there will be opportunity to discuss ideas and get relevant advice.

Date: Dates Coming Soon
Cost: £120