Silvia Mandic

Silvia Mandic

Silvia Mandic(1984)Fine Art,Painting; Visual Communication. 

My short improvisational digital films draw on an astute awareness of immediate environment, as well as the event of relocation and rise of feelings that are relevant to isolation or remoteness. The recorded material represents chimerical dramas unfolding within an urban landscape.

I work with fragmented narratives by manipulating raw footage with painter’s urgency in an attempt to create a new narrative space, exploring the ways in which contemporary art relies on narrative.

In non-linear digital video, I apply painting principles to editing practice, embracing chance which takes on an operative value and can examine both artist’s and viewer's complicity in the creation of meaning, the notion of lived experience and what the artist has the right to address, and the viewer to ‘see’.

This focus is articulated in my exploration of human emotion and behavioural expressions in a digital medium – emotions as objects.

While video editing is a labour-intense process, the playing duration of each piece varies from 15-60 sec, producing a sense of condensed time. When such density of time is the mechanism for delivering movement, narrative can be formed at different degrees of dimensions: a narrative of symbolism, narrative of sound and narrative of editing. The complication of these different degrees of narrative is exciting to me and I produce videos to get them embedded in a single timeline.