Catherine McLaughlin

Catherine McLaughlin

Language and memory captivate me and fuel my creative practice.  Language evolved through a primitive urge in the human mind to connect. We hoped to name and therefore conquer land or an experience that previously remained aloof and remote. Local mutations in regional dialect reflect both a community spirit and a desire to remain different from outsiders. They exist in the mind and our speech patterns as an outpost composed of the spoken word. We can form connections to a locality by picking up fragments of these dialects and our connections to landscapes are also shaped with words.

We adopt and mould them to suit an idea of ourselves as being an individual in transition. Adaptations allow the cycle of language to grow organically through the constant movement of humanity. I explore these ideas when creating my text works which are used for multi screen video installations. I work within familiar language which can at times be coarse, brutal, honest. 
Language is often invented, shifting in the work.

These words frequently appear in moments of unguarded drifts in thought. An unexpected entry into my conscious. I am interested in using language along with suggestive imagery to conjure up autobiographical works that are not immediately discernible to the viewer. The works contain a combination of narrative episodes, concrete poetry and emotive imagery which allow me to explore an inner journey with the audience. 


Catherine gained her BA in Fine Art from Northumbria University in 2015 and then joined the Golden Thread Gallery as a Gallery Assistant after interning with Digital Arts Studios and the Belfast Photo Festival. She has curated numerous exhibitions with the Go Girl creative collective, exhibiting up to 100 female artists to date. She is currently a studio member with Flax Art Studios and has exhibited both locally and internationally in a variety of cities including Berlin, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Athens and Belfast. Catherine was shortlisted for the AVA Emerging Visual Artist Award in June, 2017 and selected for a Research Fellowship with the British Council to work at the Venice Biennale in 2019. Catherine is primarily interested in ideas of memory, language, location and shared intimacies