Ekaterina Solomatina

Ekaterina (Katya) Solomatina

Ekaterina’s main interest in art is the human condition, especially how people deal with pain, uncertainty, constant work, what leads to ‘hubris’ (outrageous pride and excessive confidence) and what causes happiness/ joy. Deconstructing social matters in the context of folklore, history and contemporary urban culture helps Ekaterina find common ground with her audience and raise tricky questions about how society works.

Ekaterina works with a broad spectrum of mediums, including digital sculpture, VR, sculpture, paint, sound design, puppetry and performative elements. The message of each project decides the right format whether it’s a digital cabbage field, flaming rolling pin performance, or a caramel rat. The approach is always dialogue, irony, striking aesthetics and épatage*.

*Epatage is a kind of trick that bears frankly provocative form, or other behaviour of shocking persuasion, which contradicts social, moral or other norms accepted in society.

Artists Bio.

Ekaterina moved to Belfast from Dublin in 2020. Most recently she has obtained a level 9 certificate award in digital sculpting at CFA and IADT. Before that she got two degrees, one in History of Religious Studies and another one in Technical Theatre LIR Academy of Dramatic Arts, Trinity College. She has joined FLAX in 2020 and has been involved with FLAX Project Space since 2022 curating 4 collaborative group shows that year and exhibiting in the other ones. For the last year and a half Ekaterina has been co-directing Platform Arts Gallery and Studios. Most recently she had her first solo show 'Salad Curse' at PS2 Gallery which combined digital, physical sculpture, and sound. To meet the cost of living Ekaterina works in Film and Theatre in various roles integrating the skills into her fine art practice.