Husk Bennett

Husk Bennett

I am preoccupied with my own visceral present, the role of an artist and the turbulent histories of queerness. Questioning the inescapable absurdity of identity, the performativity of existence and exploring how I can examine these ideas within my own output and experiences. An amalgamation of the accidental and the distinct opposite.


terminated aspiration
impulsive confession
regurgitative commentary
cynical observation
solipsistic marginalia
cathartic mediation
carnal yearning
desperate admission
8 Juke - Ronan Smyth, FIX21


Husk Bennett is a visual artist from Belfast, with a BA(Hons) in Fine Art & Art History from Manchester School of Art.

Since graduating, Husk has exhibited extensively across the UK + Ireland including ‘The Gallery S1’ with Artichoke Trust, Short Supply’s ‘Queer Contemporaries’ in AIR Gallery, Manchester, ‘URGENCIES (2023)’ in CCA, Derry and Catalyst Arts’ FIX ‘21, Belfast. Alongside this, he has taken part in The MAC’s Hatch & Scratch scheme from 2021-22, was on the committee for the Flax Arts Project Space and is currently supported by Belfast City Council. Husk is a current Co-Director of Catalyst Arts (2022-24) and he is a founding member of The Glue Factory, a collective of 7 emerging artists from across Ireland.