Jane Butler

Jane Butler

Jane Butler The work is an attempt to relive or recreate elusive memories or neurological experiences, in the form of architectural interventions, installations and photography.
Often experimenting with surface, text, colour and light, Butler is concerned with how these formal aspects can subconsciously alter, shape and develop the human experience; in particular how new developments in neuroscience are contributing to urban development. Working mostly site-specific, Butlers work explores the unseen potential of existing urban structures by using them as a site for the work and creating poetic responses to city life.
Her decision to use very public objects to address private concerns is an attempt to take away the passivity of living in a city, and questions how visual elements of our local environments - the public - impact our daily lives and minds - the private. An important element within the work is the research into the writings of author and neurologist Dr Oliver Sacks. The fascination lies in how he blurs the lines between science and art, by creating poetic and romantic moments from trauma. 


Jane Butler (b.Belfast 1986) received a BA in sculpture and installation from the University Of Ulster Belfast in 2009. Along with exhibiting her work in Dublin, Limerick, Galway and France, she has also received Arts Council NI funding over a number of years.  
Driven by mainly public and site-specific projects Butler has worked to produce installations in partnership with Belfast City Council Black Taxi Screenings (2016), PLACE; Fergusons Line (2016), and TULCA Visual Arts Festival, Galway; Planning for the Unconscious (2017) 

Part collaborator, part facilitator, her public practice has led her to engagement roles designing, coordinating and developing various visual arts aspects for festivals and public programmes including City as A Gallery, The MAC International & Belfast Children Festival Schools programme; and Community Producer for Culture Night Belfast.
Butler was co-director and chair of Catalyst Arts Gallery (2012-2015) and studio member and director of Array Studios (2010-2017) She is currently based in Flax Art Studios at Havelock House, Belfast.