Edy Fung + Mark Buckeridge

Q + A

‘I don’t particularly like ‘real life’ social situations so I produce situations in the field of art that I find interesting.’

Flax Artist Mark Buckeridge on his upcoming exhibition 'Garage Song' with curator in residence Edy Fung.


Edy Fung: So excited to be in your studio to find out all the preparation going on for your next show, ​Garage Song​ at Scaffold Project Space on the 13-16 February 2020.
What should we ​expect​?

Mark Buckeridge: You can expect to see a three-piece band performing in the context of a suburban garage adjacent to a series of houses in North Belfast. The group will be surrounded by a set that I have designed and made including painting, posters and sculpture.

EF: The venue is a space renovated from a former garage. What is the role of architecture / spatial environment in your work?

MB: I often respond to buildings as they have a certain history and a perceived expectation of what the space should function as socially. I like to disrupt these expectations by placing artworks and performances that play with these architectural features.

EF: Why do social situations interest you, and how do we see those influences through the medium you use?

MB: I don’t particularly like ‘real life’ social situations so I produce situations in the field of art that I find interesting. Different mediums affect the audience in different ways, the viewer cannot encounter a medium without thinking of their own relationship with the medium itself and will often project their own experience and meaning onto this. I play with this when I make artistic situations.

EF: Give me 3 words that describe the process of your artistic production.

MB: 1, 2, 3

EF: You drink tea, you meditate and you talk about Yin and Yang. What does the word ritual mean to your art?

MB: Rituals are just a series of exercises I often use to situated myself in a place of not thinking.

EF: You've moved to Belfast after finishing your MFA at Sandberg Instituut. What hopes do you have about life and the artist community here in this city?

MB: Learn and share interesting conversations with people that exist in Belfast. Develop a small vegetable patch and continue making things.