Threshold presents Stuart Calvin

Opening event – Late Night Art Thurs 6 April, 6pm-8pm
7 North Street, Belfast, BT1 1NA

The exhibition is a celebration of the power of imagination and a reminder that we each have the power to shape our reality. Calvin aims to create a changing space of reflection, contemplation, discovery, exploration, creative expression and transformation. He brings attention to the concept of spiritual magic and its transformative power, inspiring viewers to consider how imagination can be used to bring about positive change.

Calvin has been looking at the work of George William Russell (1867-1935, also known as Æ), in particular 'The Candle of Vision', which describes Russell's luminous excursions into the otherworld.

‘We are indeed most miserable when we dream we have no power over circumstance, and I account it the highest wisdom to know this of the living universe that there is no destiny in it other than that we make for ourselves.’ [George William Russell Æ]

Stuart Calvin has an MFA (2016) from the University of Ulster. He was awarded a bursary from The Royal Society of British Sculptors and was the first recipient of the Annual Gerard Dillon Award.

Threshold is a new street-view gallery space in the two window displays of Flax Art Studios at 7 North Street. Curated by Jennifer Alexander, it invites artists to exhibit in flux, exploring the presentation of their work in an evolving way, and offering audiences a changing site of encounter.

Threshold is an opportunity to respond to the uniqueness of this space -Belfast’s smallest and newest gallery, with its large window displays in the oldest part of the city.

Curator Biography

Jennifer Alexander is an independent curator working in Northern Ireland. She is concerned with creating exhibitions that provoke notions of process.

Jennifer is Audience Development Assistant at Golden Thread Gallery. She was Co-Director of Catalyst Arts and currently co-curates for Belfast’s annual Re-Vision Performing Arts Festival.

Hailing from Scotland, she is a graduate of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland’s Technical & Production Theatre Arts. She worked in theatres across Scotland, focussing on lighting and sound production, before relocating to Belfast six years ago. She completed an MFA (Distinction) at Ulster University in 2020 and is a studio artist at Flax Arts Studios.