Helouise O'Reilly

Helouise O'Reilly

From a young age, I have been a gatherer of stories. This role has
formed the basis of my art practice, which explores themes of identity. As
a result, my work mainly stems from encounters with people. I tend
to immerse myself in other worlds, spending intensive periods of time with
people in their own environments, listening and observing. I am often
attracted to worlds that are hidden or more private in nature, a process of
uncovering the unseen.

I work in a range of media including video, photography and object-
making which often comes together to create installations. Depending on the
concept being explored, the materials used may vary. However, my most
important material is time. The relationships I build within my
practice are sensitively based on trust and respect, without which my work
would not be possible.


Helouise O'Reilly received the Catalyst Arts Graduate Award in 2017 upon 
completion of the Masters in Fine Art course at the University of Ulster.  She 
has exhibited nationally and internationally and had work featured in the 
Belfast Film Festival. O'Reilly was recently nominated for the 2019 Kleinwort 
Hambros Emerging Artist Prize.