Flax Art Studios is delighted to be working with Fluxus Art Projects, Institute Francais and Frac Grand Large, Dunkirk to host Magnetic 2. 

We will be welcoming an artist from Hauts-de-France for a residency at Flax and are delighted to share this open call for artists based in Northern Ireland for a residency at Frac Grand Large. (Details and links on how to apply are below).

The application call for the Magnetic Residencies 2 is open from Monday 10 July to Tuesday 29 August 2023. 

Magnetic is a joint Franco-British initiative that brings together eight institutions to create a new programme of artist residencies of eight weeks each: four in France - CAPC in Bordeaux, Frac Bretagne in Rennes, Frac Grand Large in Dunkirk, Villa Arson in Nice- and four in the United Kingdom – Wysing Arts Centre in England, Flax Art Studios in Northern Ireland, Cove Park in Scotland and Aberystwyth Arts Centre in Wales. Magnetic will gradually build an expanding network of partner residencies with shared commitments and values.

This year, the Magnetic 2 programme will be run in tandem. What does this mean?

Each residency is based on a tandem partnership between one French region and a UK nation. Artists from each one of the four regions in France are invited to apply for the residency based in the associated UK nation; and artists from each UK nation are invited to apply for the residency based in the associated region in France.

The Magnetic programme is characterized by several strengths:
Societal and environmental issues are at the heart of this programme, the residencies are situated, with the selected artists expected to work according to the focus of each residency, in resonance with each specific context –geographical or historical, societal, artistic etc 

Artists receive a threshold monthly fee of £ 2100/2500 € 

Each artist benefits from curatorial mentoring 

Each residency is tailor-made in discussion with the institutions’ curatorial teams 

Each residency provides the artist with networking opportunities throughout their stay 

Artists are provided with accommodation and access to a work space. 


Artist based in Hauts-de-France for a residency at Flax Art Studios

Artist based in Northern Ireland for a residency at the Frac Grand Large

Full details can be found on the website:

The call closes at midnight on 29 August.

All the information and details on how to apply can be found here: